Local Dairy farmer

Local Dairy farmer over in Read Lancashire

David Walker, a Local Dairy farmer over in Read Lancashire who works so hard to keep the business running and all his 200 cow’s that he has. He suffered with a break in where they stole his quad bike at gun point which meant he was unable to run his farm due to the size.
He ended up buying another quad bike to help run the farm.

In the main lockup where it is kept at night, he decided to have a steel door installed for the safe keeping of the equipment but these men who was targeting all farms came back and took down the wall and again took the quad bike.

He called the 1st Look team and asked for a survey to be carried and look to install security. systems. Wei installed a full CCTV System and Intruder system with a MASTER BLASTER Sounder which was used in the 2nd world war as air raid sirens.

Since this Installation he has fully peace of mind knowing that the whole farm is safe and secure.